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Wood Embroidery Lilac Stems

$20.00 $15.99

This craft comes unfinished.

Product Details:

  • These shapes comes unfinished
  • Wood is 1/8" thick MDF
  • Detailed printable instructions are included with your purchase
  • Wooden easel is included (comes as two pieces)
  • Lilac Circle is 5" x 5", the stand adds a little bit more to the overall size
  • Free Shipping

Our DIY wood embroidery blanks are fun to make and easy to take with you in the car to work on from anything to the school pick up line to a short road trip.   
These shapes are perfect for older kids to make too!!  My kids (ages 9-19) all have made some!  My 11, 12, and 15 year old daughters have made several of them in the last few days.  They think they are so fun and what to give one to all their friends.

Embroidery floss is not included.
Quantity :
Total With Options: $15.99

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